Darjeeling Golden Dragon

Darjeeling Golden Dragon

Organic | Darjeeling Oolong Tea | Single estate | Second flush | Pure whole leaf tea

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The Darjeeling golden dragon is a creamy semi-oxidized oolong tea with a unique Darjeeling muscatel depth. Orientals call the black dragon oolong, but Darjeeling is the realm of the more spiritual golden dragon, the nāgdrukpa. It is his roar that gives Darjeeling her name. And it is this tea, that’s entrusted to carry his whisper to you in every sip. The Darjeeling golden dragon is a hand crafted second flush tea from high altitude bushes, withered naturally under the crisp mountain air and golden afternoon sun.

Health Benefits

  • Boosts metabolism, Lowers cholesterol, Increases mental alertness, Aids digestion, Improves skin
Darjeeling Golden Dragon

Dry Leaf

Darjeeling Golden Dragon


Darjeeling Golden Dragon



Soft Oak, White Flowers, Fresh Greens


Light gold


Smoky yet refreshingly fruity with a fruity sweet finish

Heat spring water to 100°°C
Put 2.5 in gms every cup
Steep for 3-5 minutes
Number of steeps : 1
Time to Consumed : Anytime | Best Consumed : Hot | Caffeine Level : Low | Oxidization : Semi

Why 27 Hills ?

Three generations of ethnic farmers still continue to enjoy the benefits we caringly provide.
We stringently promote BIO-ORGANIC cultivation practices.
We take pride in following Ethical and Fair Trade practices in our business dealings. Every magical cup of tea is immersed in the endearing lives and love of the people of 27 Hills.