WHO we are ?

We are three generations of planters from 27 Hills @ 27° N latitude.

We live in the world’s most recognizable area of Champagne Tea Plantations – DARJEELING.

We offer you the premium teas fervently sought after and intensely valued by connoisseurs.

Handpicked and handcrafted by local farmers, tea has always not just been our consuming Passion and Pride, but the essence of our very Identity itself.

Our Vision & Mission

Tea stories and legends are always an intrinsic part of the beauty of tea through the ages. It can be a sacred ritual, a celebration of life or simply rejoicing in the companyof your loved ones. 27 Hills was conceived to bring about all these and much more.

Tea is just water and leaves. Radically simple. Put together, we created a cup full of pleasure, magic and immense joy. We want to offer our teas to you as a gift of Grace to savor the exhilarating taste of freshness, to be radiant and healthy and to be at Peace.

Our purpose is Selfless. It is to celebrate with you the experience of existence with just a sip.

Simply put, the vision of 27 Hills is to change the perception of a consumer where tea ceases to be a commodity but elevates to an exhilarating experience by bringing some of the most exquisite teas around the world to an average tea lover.

Our Team


Sharad Mittal

Sharad Mittal, born in Siliguri in the Darjeeling district, grew up playing amidst tea being graded, sorted and tasted, a trade his grandfather started three generations ago.  They have been one of the oldest in the tea trade in this region with an experience of over 50 years. Sharad, founder and CEO of Crimson Interactive Pvt. Ltd resides in Mumbai, heading a 100 million dollar enterprise in scientific editing and translation and is considered to be the ‘numero uno’ in this field.  Drawn to his roots, Sharad is back into tea, looking to take this up to new heights through his marketing skill and expertise in business.

Antriksh Kumbhat

Antriksh Kumbhat was born and brought up in the Darjeeling tea industry. His father, Mr. S. M. Kumbhat has over 45 years of experience in the tea industry having held top positions in the best tea companies of India. In 1996, Antriksh acquired Okayti Tea Estate in the Mirik valley and transformed the garden into the highest yielding estate in Darjeeling. Antriksh was able to create teas so fine that he would eventually retail the highest value tea in the world at INR 250,000 a kilogram.

Suresh Raterea

Suresh Raterea, born in Kalimpong a small town in the Himalayan district of Darjeeling, is the co-owner of the finest Green Tea producing garden, Marapur Tea Estate in the Terai foothills of Darjeeling. Suresh is also a qualified yoga guru and is greatly inspired by nature and art. Living now in Delhi, he designs some of the finest contemporary rugs in the world under the brand Rugs n Riches. Suresh aims at brewing a blend of old stories, cultural dynamism, contemporary art and tea.


Contact Us

27 Hills Tea Planters Pvt. Ltd.,
27 Sevoke Road, Siliguri - 734001, Dist - Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.