We grow tea, we know tea

Our fathers, grandfathers and their fore have been tilling the hills for ages. Lessons learnt under the sun have been handed down to enrich what we do –and how we do it.

Three generations of expertise in sourcing, tasting & blending tea further enhances the delicate fragrance and purity of our teas - a delight to savor that will uplift your mood and appease your senses.

Tea is our very identity, our Passion and our Pride.

Directly from the Garden

The 27 Hills, lies on the 27 latitude that is Darjeeling - 'The Queen of Hills'. A mystical valley, bathed in the natural beauty of the mighty Himalayas, 27 Hills is home to some of the finest tea producing estates of the world. 

It is the only place on earth that grows the 'Champagne of Teas'.

It will be a cup full of magic with immense pleasure and joy. The assurance lies in its exceptional quality.

Its been a lifelong of tender love and care

Being Planters and living around the estates, gives us instant access to the best teas produced in this region. Direct from the source and carefully selected, teas plucked are processed immediately - thus keeping it fresh, flavorful and pure. We do not use artificial colors or additives. Our teas are whole leaf and healthy.

Handpicked and handcrafted, all teas are tasted by connoisseurs to ensure you get your right cup of tea.

Tip to Lip

We do not waste time with the distributors and resellers in between. Our home and our work place are all here - at the plantations. Here, we send out our teas within just two days, ensuring the retention of its true essence. This guarantees speedy arrival of the order at your door step. 

With no time lost, our teas are as fresh as they should be.

The Legacy and Heritage

Prior to Indian independence OKAYTI was served as an exclusivity at the Buckingham Palace. Some of the regular tea lovers of those times would include Queen Elizabeth, Premier Krushchev, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to name a few.

Run and owned by the co-founders, The OKAYTI tea garden factory was built in 1888 and stands proudly till today, producing daily some of the finest, fragrant Darjeeling tea. Nothing much has changed today, we still produce the same grade and flavor and lives up to its name.