WHO we are ?

We are three generations of planters from 27 Hills @ 27° N latitude.

We live in the world’s most recognizable area of Champagne Tea Plantations – DARJEELING.

We offer you the premium teas fervently sought after and intensely valued by connoisseurs.

Handpicked and handcrafted by local farmers, tea has always not just been our consuming Passion and Pride, but the essence of our very Identity itself.

Snowmist Darjeeling

Floral Muscatel Signature Darjeeling Tea
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Heat spring water to 100°C
Put 2.5 in gms every cup
Steep for 3-5 minutes
Number of steeps 1
Best enjoyed Anytime
The snowmist Darjeeling is a jewel cut in the flavours of mellow flowers, young wine and a hint of grapefruit. The Himalayan clouds like fluffy marshmallows gently stroke high altitude bushes, vitalising them with the magic of the mountains. These bushes are plucked right before daybreak to lock that magic, making this tea exquisitely aromatic and sensually blissful.
Raisins, Honeydew, Sweet
Mahogany highlights on a Walnut base, well rolled
Health Benefits
Promotes blood circulation, enhances dental/bone health, retains hydration, strengthens immunity.

Oxidization: High

Caffeine: Medium

Region: Darjeeling (Multiple Estate)

Fine, Flowery, Grape
Apricot Blush with Burgundy Shadows
Mellow, Muscatel, Dry Fruits
Intense muscatel
Coppery with vermillion streaks