Tea Tasting Guide Book

Everything About Tea

What is tea?
Origins of tea
Tea cultivation regions around the world
Famous Chinese Teas
Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
Notable Ceylon Teas
Notable Japanese Teas
Taiwan (Formosa)
Famous Formosa Teas
Types of tea
White tea
Black tea
Green tea
Oolong tea
Pu'er tea
Herbal infusions (Tisanes)
Blended Tea
Single Estate Tea
Grading of Tea Leaves
Full leaf teas
Broken leaf teas
How is tea processed
Tea Processing
Processing Steps
Non-Orthodox or CTC Production
Rolled Tea Leaves
How to brew a perfect cup of tea
Duration of Infusion
Material OF Teapot
General Guideddnes for the perfect cup of tea!
Tea and Health
What makes tea so healthy?
Benefits of drinking tea
How to Talk Tea
The Flushes
The Leaf
The liquor
Flavour and Aroma
The story of 27 hills