Tea and Health

What makes tea so healthy?

We have all heard “Tea is good for you”! What is the reality actually?

The internet is flooded with reports stating about the miraculous effects of drinking green tea. These have led to a high demand of tea mostly in the United States. We will try and break these reports for you and give you a better understanding of how tea works its wonder. This tea guide is to impart some light on the misconceptions and some health benefits which are associated with this heavenly drink called TEA.

Tea has been considered as the “Elixir of Life” for centuries in Asia. There are numerous benefits of Green Tea that have been partially given credit and confirmed by science, some of these help in fighting cancer, fresh breath, dental and oral hygiene, lowers cholesterol, helps in reducing weight, improves immunity etc.

The real problem of that lies with these studies is that they have considered only some teas, and not taken the others into consideration. The variety or types of tea is so numerous that all the studies only cover specific teas. Let us take an example, the testing that green tea helps in weight loss is all over, however, the fact is that black tea also yields nearly the same results.

Now studies are done and they are stating that all teas benefits are similar. Scientists in Europe have agreed black teas benefits are relatable to green tea. Some studies are saying that Oolong teas also share these properties. These facts are now opening the barriers that earlier studies had on people, and they considered only green tea to be good for health.

If people had a little common sense they would have figured that all the Teas are made from the same plant, hence they will have the same properties. So all of them will have some benefit from the other. The difference is the Teas is due to the oxidization process. White Tea will have much more antioxidants compared to black teas as they are the least oxidized.

Hence, you must drink what you like and you will receive the health benefits in all teas. To get the most benefit from drinking teas it is recommended to have 3-4 teacups daily. If you have to have drunk so much tea it is best you have what you like. The thing you must keep in mind is to drink tea made from whole leaf and not the supermarket stuff (made from fannings and dust). Also, bottled teas are made from tea concentrates which are not as beneficial as the organic tea. Also, they are loaded with sugar and preservatives which are not good.

Don’t get carried away by global companies which survive on the psychology of humans to get swept away with words like slimming, fat loss etc. There is no doubt that green tea is good and will assist you in staying fit, but so will other types of teas.

We can finally conclude that drinking tea and drinking the desired quantity of tea is good for your and will keep you fit and healthy. Another great advantage tea has over coffee is the presence of xanthines- it has a 2 step benefit. It stimulates your brain, on the other hand, relaxes your body.

Disease-Fighting Polyphenols
Polyphenols are another benefiting compound found in teas. This prevents cancerous tumours to grow, spreading of diseases etc. The higher your consumption of Food and beverages containing polyphenols, the better chance your body has of fighting these radicals. Antioxidants like polyphenols are required to fight these free radicals (oxidants) which damage cells and cause diseases. They repair the damaged cells and fight cellular damage. A lot of diseases are linked to cellular damages and thus consumption of tea is vital and beneficial to a healthy living. Green and White teas compared to black teas contain the most amount of these polyphenols as they are least oxidized. Many studies have been conducted which have proved that this compound is very beneficial and helps is fighting diabetes mellitus, overall bone and dental health, cancers and any disease related to the heart. It is promising to include Tea is your daily diet to see the wonders of this on your own.

Health-Giving Flavonoids
Flavonoids are compounds in polyphenols which are responsible for the antioxidant activity and tannins which provide flavour to teas, mostly astringency. A higher level of flavonoids called catechins, which are in a small amount in oxidized teas helps in fighting heart disease and cancer. The compounds Catechins and epicatechins are responsible for the beneficial properties of tea. They reduce plaque buildup in arteries and cell inflammation. Green tea has a higher amount of these compared to black teas. They have benefits to help in arthritis or cancer or any heart disease.

Enzyme Changes and Antioxidants
When the tea leaves undergo oxidization additional benefits are provided apart from antioxidants – the aflavins and the arubigins. When the process of oxidization changes the enzymes that are present in the leaves these polymeric polyphenols are formed.

Rare Amino Acid
The extraordinary element that appears in the leaves of Camellia Sinensis is L-theanine, an amino acid. This is what which makes your body alert, as it stimulates your brain activity. It is mostly found in white and green tea leaves.

Stimulants in Tea - Less than Coffee
Caffeine content in teas is less, the energy and lift they fee is due to the presence of theine and theobromine. These stimulants per pound are higher in tea compared to its counterpart caffeine, but per cup, it is less as one pound of tea gives 180-200 cups of tea whereas the same amount of coffee gives only 40 cups. These simulants theine and theobromine present in tea affect individual depending on their body chemistry. Based on this you must decide and understand the amount of tea you should have per day.

Befefits of drinking tea

Tea: the No-Calorie Beverage!

Tea has no calories. However, adding herbs and flowers to give it more taste and aroma, which was being done since tea was first introduced in China, produces a negligible amount of calories in it. The calorie count just keeps increasing if milk or sweeteners are added to it. The No calorie drink can now have anything between 20 – 60 calories. To avoid compromising the Tea’s organic flavour by adding synthetic or artificial sweeteners many teas have a natural sweet hint to it, you may try The Green Marvel Tea which is a sweet Green Tea we offer.

Decaffeinated teas and bottled teas which are made from concentrates and fannings and dust compared to the teas made from the whole leaf have very little antioxidant properties. Although Green Tea contains caffeine, it is less than the amount in black tea, and black tea contains less than coffee. So, if you are looking for a Healthy choice to reduce your intake of caffeine and still have the energy to keep you going, switch to tea.

Will drinking tea cause me to lose weight?

Possibly yes, tea increases your metabolic rate and encourages your body to burn fats. It moderates your blood sugar level by increasing your insulin activity. One of the biggest advantages of having tea regularly is that it can replace your intake of other calorie-rich drinks in your diet. Tea coupled with proper exercise will definitely help you reduce unwanted fat and live a healthy life. The USDA said it this way: "...until we do a really comprehensive study in which we have humans drink tea and see whether they lose weight, we can't actually say that green tea makes people lose weight. What we can say is that it raises metabolic rates and increases fat oxidation rates. Those are two things that are predictive of weight loss." Tea alone cannot improve your health or fight diseases. It needs to be complemented with a lifestyle which combines regular exercise, proper sleep, anti-oxidant rich diet etc.