Mumbai Chai Masala

Mumbai Chai Masala

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The Mumbai chai masala is a lot like a Bollywood song. The spicy sweet heroine titillates like the cloves, cardamoms, ginger and other spices. The burly hero seduces her with his strength as does the tea. And it all comes together in a sensual climax of explosive flavours. This tea is best enjoyed like the chai from the streets of Mumbai: strong, with copious amounts of milk and sugar.

Health Benefits

  • Promotes blood circulation,Enhances dental/bone health, Retains hydration, Strengthens immunity
Mumbai Chai Masala

Dry Leaf

Mumbai Chai Masala


Mumbai Chai Masala



Garam Masala with a sweet tea finish


Tawny Brown


Strong, Riot of Flavours, Gingery throat

Heat spring water to 100°C
Put 2.5 in gms every cup
Steep for 3-5 minutes
Number of steeps : 1
Time to Consumed : Anytime | Best Consumed : Hot | Caffeine Level : Medium | Oxidization : Medium

Why 27 Hills ?

Three generations of ethnic farmers still continue to enjoy the benefits we caringly provide.
We stringently promote BIO-ORGANIC cultivation practices.
We take pride in following Ethical and Fair Trade practices in our business dealings. Every magical cup of tea is immersed in the endearing lives and love of the people of 27 Hills.